Design Thinking in Education

Having just researched using Design Thinking in education, I can see its potential for helping us to develop the type of independent learning we talk about but don’t always see in the classroom. It presents a mindset and approach to learning based upon collaboration and creativity. Originally a methodology designed for business, it offers a valuable tool for educators in designing learning opportunities that put the student at the centre. It encourages students to take an inquiry stance and think divergently as they work together to solve a problem. This in turn helps to build empathy, curiosity, constructiveness and continuous iteration as they realise that their idea can evolve. Check out the Edutopia website for further information. Design Thinking

As part of the Enrichment Team, I am helping to design the Spark Course, aimed at developing self-regulation, deep learning through knowledge building and innovation. I propose using a Design Thinking methodology and improve practice through a Spiral of Inquiry. As this course will run four times, over a year and potentially involve 120 students, I am looking forward to gaining insight and valuable feedback, which will inform future practice. Watch this space for more details!

For more information on the origins and variety of applications of Design Thinking, read the interesting article by Tim Brown taken from The Harvard Business Review. Tim Brown



2 thoughts on “Design Thinking in Education

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  1. Wow Tracy what a wonderful idea. This is a very effective way to introduce 120 students per year to a 21st teaching strategy. Once the students become well versed in the process of Inquiry learning they can unlock more of their potential to thrive. An enrichment course is the perfect place for this innovation. Great work Tracy!


  2. Nice to have a space, place, time in school where we can be creative, challenge our ideas about teaching and grow in our craft to implement new ideas and strategies. Not only will students benefit but no doubt you will as well!! Look forward to hearing how it goes


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