I am fortunate to be part of a Community of Learning at Waimea College which has an appraisal system which is hierarchical. My supervisor is a deputy principal (DP) together with an outside department buddy. These independent sources of observation give immediate feedback on the lessons they have observed and then I thoughtfully reflect on the feedback with a summary comment. The level of reflection is at a level 3, a review,  level, see figure below.




Data is also collected on student engagement. There are 17 questions which are filled out by students for your specific class. As Head Of Department I have used this data to set a pedagogical goal to enhance delivery and thus student engagement. This use of current data to augment delivery is at a level 4, a Research level. The staff in the Health Education department set their pedagogical goals on the basis of improving any teaching traits which are perceived by their students as low quality. For each aspect of student engagement the scores for all the teachers in the department are added together then an average is calculated. The aspects of teacher delivery which are below the average then become the best aspects to focus on improving. This data is current and used to focus delivery for the class that the results came from. In this way, the horse has not bolted and improvements can be then assessed at the end of the year. This continual pedagogical focus can act as an incentive to refine and progress our practice and hopefully result in higher student outcomes.

health stats


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