Critical feedback – invaluable…

It is all too easy for us to say to our students, ‘check your partner’s work and give them feedback’. But how effective is this peer assessment if we don’t actually make it clear what good critical feedback looks like? It needs to be specific, constructive and achievable and it can take a variety of forms.

I just happened to be wandering through Samara Doole’s 300 Art class on the lookout for a wall stapler, when I saw something much more interesting projected onto the whiteboard. The students had just been engaged in giving each other critical feedback on their photography boards using a Padlet.

Samara’s choice of format has enabled students to share their work and their feedback with more than just the person sitting next to them. It has opened up opportunities for collaboration and has actively engaged students in thinking critically.

For a delightful glimpse of just what good critical feedback looks like, also check out the following video: Austin’s Butterfly.

Thank you to Samara and 300 Art!


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