Maui & The Sun


At Waicol, we’re committed to promoting equity and wellbeing. Jasmine Jenke’s Year 9 Performing Arts class recently explored the legend of Maui and the Sun. It exemplified Vaneveld’s vision: ‘when culture and wellbeing are brought together, the resulting concept is a dynamic one…’ (Ministry for Culture & Heritage).

These students were not simply reading and learning about the legend, they were physically expressing it and in doing so, were demonstrating a high level of participation and collaboration. In engaging with the legend in this way, they were being given the opportunity to learn through a ‘cultural lens’ and participate equally.

Check out this clip from ‘Maui and the Sun’.

This was indeed a dynamic learning experience and reinforces the value of active learning in engaging our students to participate. By bringing this legend to life, it also connects students to an essential part of their cultural heritage.

Click on the ‘cultural values’ tag for more research and information.


Bucher, R. (2008). Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Nine Megaskills. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

Ministry for Culture & Heritage:


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