Current issues in my professional practice.

  Waimea College is a fortunate mix of urban and rural environments. This means that the students all 1600 plus (year 9 to 13)¬†are not overly street savvy with heavy school bags of attitude or too grounded with the mass inertia of heavy machines that is resistant to change. The students have a uniform to... Continue Reading →


Design Thinking in Education

Having just researched using Design Thinking in education, I can see its potential for helping us to develop the type of independent learning we talk about but don't always see in the classroom. It presents a mindset and approach to learning based upon collaboration and creativity. Originally a methodology designed for business, it offers a... Continue Reading →

The Ako Assignment

The concept of AKO means both to teach and to learn. It recognises that both teachers and students contribute to the building of new knowledge through their shared understanding. Check out Andrew's video for how he incorporated the concept of Ako into his classroom practice. by Andrew Ricciardi

Welcome with style….

Check out how Hamish welcomes kids into his health class.... something I have noticed as I have passed his door witnessing these crazy foot taps, elbow bumps, low fives, high fives and what will happen tomorrow...maybe that's the point? What do the kids think, check out the video below. The inspiration came from this video... Continue Reading →

Project Based Learning

Group work is all well and good, but we all know that some students do more than others... So, based on some positive research, I decided to encourage independent learning and improve engagement by using the principles of Project Based Learning with a real-world problem to solve. Check out my Mindlab assignment where I discuss... Continue Reading →

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