Enriching our students’ learning

What better way to enrich our students’ learning experience and help them to develop resilience, independent thinking and self-motivation than to offer them a course that allows them the time to pursue an area of personal interest, without the pressure of prescribed assessment. That is why I am so excited to be part of Waicol’s... Continue Reading →

Sharing my passion

Contribution of teacher inquiry topics to my Communities of Practice. Fundamentally as a teacher we see our purpose as instructing, guiding and nurturing our students through the relationships we build with them. Yet, through all the 'noise' of doing education we get distracted and can lose sight of the complete purpose we have for our... Continue Reading →

Instagram moments #nofiltersscience

Whakatauki He waka eke noa A canoe which we are all in with no exception This weeks whakatauki reminded me of one of challenges of social media in the classroom and the question of... "what is the predominant social media platform (or canoe) that students are using When some students do and some don't you... Continue Reading →


A blend or interdisciplinary collaboration of positive and negative space to achieve real-world success 🙂  (See above picture.) As the Head of Health Education at Waimea College I am aware that the amount and depth of connections with the community is quite limited when compared to my primary colleagues. I am an active Board of... Continue Reading →

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