A year 10 innovation – turning the humble fava bean into an economic success.

Walking past Naomi Chapman's classroom recently caught my eye as her windows were decorated in  post-it notes and fluorescent writing.  I went in to investigate. The atmosphere was humming with discussion as groups of students in Year 10 Economics were intent on their latest project, part of the growing NZ Innovation Challenge run by Young... Continue Reading →


DIY Professional Development

(Activity 1) Critically define practice. Waimea College has a friendly, warm & inclusive staff. This is our alternative staff photo - though I think it should be our actual primary photo rather than the more serious photo that makes it into the School Magazine. It is the smiles, camaraderie and friendships that are evident in... Continue Reading →

Project Based Learning

Group work is all well and good, but we all know that some students do more than others... So, based on some positive research, I decided to encourage independent learning and improve engagement by using the principles of Project Based Learning with a real-world problem to solve. Check out my Mindlab assignment where I discuss... Continue Reading →

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